This preliminary house study for a seasoned adventure sports photographer, is trying to do a lot with a little. It’s on the lower budget trajectory, but with a high class site. Situated in the trees with view corridors out to Bellingham Bay, it’s all about the spot here, and with the client’s affinity for modern cabins, we set out to find a simple solution that has some jazz.

A plan diagram of 2 equal rectangles, shifted off each other, sets up the single level living space of a 2 bedroom house, garage, gear storage room, and an office and studio apartment on a second level of one of the rectangles.

The roof form follows suit. Two similar forms cloak over the boxes below, unifying them together in a common language. The 2 story mass of the garage / apartment is brought into concert with the single story home by means of the roof form, a happy medium from high to low connecting them.

  • Location:: Bellingham,WA