Church + Washington

Unique problems warrant unique solutions. As for this study for an existing building in White Salmon, Washington, the problem somewhat became the answer. The building, an old machine shop, complete with 12′ ceilings and existing internal gantry crane in working order, was likely here long before the adjacent street went in. The building, in non-conforming fashion sites right up on the street. Odd yes, but we chose to embrace it. We ran the road up the side of the building. A cast in place concrete wall folds up off the roadway,and runs up the side of the structure, and further transitioning into  a site boundary wall to the east along the road. The defining element of the scheme. Inside the footprint is reorganized into a cozy sanctuary. Gantry crane left in as a nod to the building’s history , the lower main level includes one bedroom with storage loft  above, a main living areas that slides out into a private patio, while the existing upper attic is transformed into the master suite. A punched out shed dormer in the master suite  opens up the distant view to Mt. Hood while letting the daylight stream in.

  • Location:: White Salmon, WA