High Prairie

Situated on 120 acres in the High Prairie community north of Lyle, WA , this 1600 sf vacation residence is in simple business. The simple business of protecting itself against the oft times, harsh environment it lies in, taking in the spectacular view of Mt Adams, and nestling itself on the cusp of the scrub oak forest that engulfs a good portion of the property. A truly special spot for the owners.

A simple 2 bar plan diagram form the public and private areas of the building. Spaces are pulled out of and cut into them, creating covered outdoor space and the main entry. The exterior is clad in ground face CMU veneer, and then cloaked with a weathering steel roof, unifying all together. This simple exterior palette, offers solid protection from the elements, while echoing the various shed structures and AG buildings that surround it.

We all want to get away here

Currently under construction, expected completion summer 2019.


  • Contractor:: Paul Carloss Construction
  • Size:: 1600 sf main house / 864 detached garage
  • Location:: Lyle, WA - High Prairie