Hood River West

This compact retirement home for a wonderful couple is a pretty good house.

That said, a “pretty good house ” in this case is a term used to describe an approach on scaling back of the intense requirements of the ultra-energy-efficient Passive House standard, but still applying many of the same principles to create a home that has markedly improved comfort and energy efficiency.  The approach is defined by its simplicity, including straight forward construction practices and details, and improved building envelope goals according to common sense and budget constraints.  With good southern exposure, this single level home is oriented lengthwise on its east west axis, giving every room in the house a south facing window to take advantage of the low winter sun, streaming through the windows helping to passively heat the interior. Exterior wall and roof insulation values are roughly twice that of minimum code, resulting in a very comfortable house that we love to visit anytime of the year.



  • Completion date:: 2015
  • Size:: 1700 sf main house / 645 detached carport & shop
  • Location:: Hood River, OR
  • Photography:: Jeff Amram