House in the Woods

Elements of this residence are broken down into an initial 3  bar plan diagram – Private (bedroom wing ), Public (main living) and Utility (garage, storage, shop). The bars clearly define the boundaries, separation, between functions of the home. They are shifted and sized in response to required program functions and site characteristics, and then linked together overhead, by a simple all encompassing roof. The roof provides ample, covered outdoor spaces  at the main entry, and rear of the house main living area, connecting the  owners seamlessly into the landscape. The roof defines the simple architectural language of this residence.

Clad in forest black, horizontal corrugated metal siding, and cloaked with a standing seam metal roof for low maintenance living, the residence blends in within its environment. Concrete floors with radiant heat, ERV system, exterior insulation, SIPS roof panels, for comfort and efficient thermal performance.




  • Location:: Bend, OR
  • Square footage: : 1820 sf residence with 625 sf garage