Syncline Shift

Likening to a boat dock pushing itself off the mainland, this residence reaches out from the natural embankment at the top of the site, toward its amazing view of the gorge. A subtle shift in the south facade from the overhead roof plane, provides shading and coverage for the main entry, and is our nod to the not so subtle shift of geology that is the Syncline Wall, directly across the river. A vertical screen of clear cedar seductively laces the south facade, adding privacy while filtering and manipulating the sun’s rays. And it reminds us of the front grille of a 1969 Dodge Charger, amen to that priceless piece of art.


  • Contractor:: 2BPS Construction
  • Location:: Mosier, OR
  • Finish Carpentry:: Jeff Behnke of Altura Furniture
  • Structural Engineer:: Scott Bowman / Angle Design