NW Backyard Blues # 3

This backyard blues project is in White Salmon, WA. It started out with our clients desire forĀ  a better outdoor “deck” experience for their White Salmon abode. Initially the idea of a big deck off the main level (a full story above the backyard), was spoken of. More southern daylight was desired as well into the main level living space. The backyard hangout area was a ramshackle of a concrete patio. We decided to kill a few birds here with the design approach. Our goal simply, is that everything is a part of the house, of the overall architecture.

Rather just a big ole deck with spindly legs tracking to the lower level backyard, we split some differences. A new upper deck, sized for a couple adirondack chairs, and french doors off the main level were introduced. And then a mid level patio was conceived to keep the party from being in full view of the neighbors. Strategically placed landscape planters provide boundaries, and structure, for the mid level patio, while hiding the lower level outside door we didn’t want to see. A vertical fin wall of concrete hides the stairs (again we didn’t want to see), coming down from the new upper deck, while providing the fulcrum point the entire design spins around. Night time movies are now shown on the concrete wall. The hot tub is its own perch on a slightly upper tier, and visually screen by a tight cedar privacy fence, a turret almost, and an integral part of the overall composition of pieces.

  • Completed: : 2017
  • Photography:: Jeff Amram